Logistics Consulting Department

We will help you to analyse your flows in order to maximise efficiency, optimise processes and reduce costs. 

How we operate:


Understand your situation by a total immersion in your company.


Analyse the transport flow in order to maintain it.


Highlight improvement strategies.


Offer an optimised transport plan.


Avoid empty vehicles and extra mileage.


Allow you to finally reduce costs.

Bulk Service

CGVL has developed its range of solutions and diversified into the bulk sector. The company now offers its customers solutions adapted to their different sites with the latest generation of Euro 6 equipment, a 3-axle hydraulic tarpaulin dump trailer with automatic opening. CGVL can meet your needs in civil engineering (polluted soil, bulk asbestos transport, aggregate transport, supply of concrete plants, removal of rubble, etc.) but also in cereal tippers.

Indeed, we have QUALIMAT (national certification for the bulk road transport of animal feed), OVOCOM, GMP+, QS, EFISC-GTP, AIC, GAFTA and AMA certifications.

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Transport on Request and Chartering Services

CGVL combines the experience it has gained over the years to guarantee you the best transport conditions.

Our new fleet, equipped with the latest technology, or one of our regular charters, will offer you all of our expertise. Facing an increase in activity? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Vehicle Rental with Driver

CGVL offers you a personalised service according to your needs and expectations.

We have an operating team at your service, professional drivers dedicated to your business, a modern fleet with the latest technological innovations, customised to your colors and environmentally friendly. Choosing CGVL means optimising your development by using a trusted service provider.

Logistics and Warehousing

Trusting CGVL with your shipping and logistics means more time for your core operations.

Relax, we’ll take care of everything.

At our place or yours?

Even though CGVL operates a network of warehouses across France, our logistical services go well beyond simple space rental. If it is more convenient, we can help create, develop and manage storage space directly on your property.

Personalised Customer Service

With at least one CGVL staff member at each of our locations and night duty at each site, you will always interact with a friendly, competent person who understands the specific requirements of your trade.

Maximum Security

24/7 warehouse security is regulated by strict processes to ensure product care and traceability using GPS tracking systems.

International Transport

CGVL organises and optimises your transport by using a global management contract: a flexible solution that considers your specific needs: Pick-up, massification, secured warehousing, reverse logistics, documented tracking of cargo, delivery and return in France and Europe…

As each request is unique, CGVL’s experts analyse specifications, transport and logistical needs as well as their possible developments. Our solutions integrate all the company’s needs and expectations and offer complete control over the budget. All services are coordinated and managed by CGVL for seamless outsourcing, compliant with key performance indicators (KPI).

Global flow management is the ultimate solution!