Technologically advanced, CGVL constantly invests in the latest-generation hardware:

In 2012 CGVL and FLEETBOARD started their collaboration.

Initially, CGVL chose the Fleetboard telematics solution, proposed by MERCEDES, to optimize its operation as well as the management of material and human resources:

Geolocation of vehicles, Drivers’ data, Analysis of driving data, Consumption monitoring.

By using this powerful and innovative work tool, allowing a more thorough analysis, the organization is more fine-tuned and improved, which enhances the efficiency of the teams.  

Over the years, the partnership between the two companies has grown and FLEETBOARD asked us to pilot on several specific developments.

Today, thanks to the FLEETBOARD solution, we are able to offer our customers:

Sending transport orders to drivers, dematerialisation of transport documents, vehicle condition monitoring, delivery follow-up email notifications, fleetboard store.


Published by Ortec, the Shortrec software is a precious partner, both for our drivers and logisticians.
This great planning tool allows us to optimise the journeys we make for you. Whether it is collection or distribution, we serve you better, faster and at lower cost.
We have a transport cost analyser dependant on distance, weight and/or volume by weight and item code.

Beyond the substantial gain in time and money, what is most important to us is to be able to further refine our degree of adaptation to your specific expectations and requirements, right from the very start of our collaboration.
While we use Shortec for operational purposes on a daily basis, we are also happy to use it when we work out your requirements together. This will allow us to reduce the distance between your needs and your satisfaction.

Secured Client Portal

CGVL offers a web platform to all clients in order to manage orders and follow  goods.

Access to order history, real-time order tracking and downloadable transportation documents


A specialist in transport solutions, CGVL was very early committed to reducing its environmental impact.

After two CO2 charters, the company decided to go further in reducing its carbon footprint by deciding to commit to the « LABEL CO2 » approach.

Eco-friendly Driving

100% of our drivers are interested in eco-friendly driving. Not just day-to-day, eco-responsibility is an ongoing process.

A fleet of certified vehicles

At CGVL, 100% of our vehicles are Euro 6 certified, ensuring that our entire fleet has an energy performance level that best reflects our vision and commitment to the environment.

On-board Technologies

At the wheel of ever cleaner vehicles, our eco-friendly drivers handle state-of-the-art tools: FleetBoard software and Géonautes/Éconautes systems provide information feedback and daily monitoring that enable them to improve every kilometre.



“Our first concern is to ensure customer satisfaction. This requires compliance with its requirements, but also a proactive and innovative attitude that sets us apart from our competitors.

CGVL respects safety rules including teams and equipment, continuous improvement, and is part of a true partnership and is committed to its customers’ growth.”

Patrice BATAILLARD, International Managing Director

The quality of the service provided is the primary concern of each of our employees. Satisfying the expectations and requirements of each customer allows us not only to enter our collaborations in a sustainable way, but also to innovate our processes and to progress every day.

Prevention and safety are an integral part of our daily concerns. Our mission is to ensure that the health and physical integrity of our employees are preserved. In addition, all business that is entrusted to us takes a considerable place in our eyes. What prevails is the trust you place in us!

At CGVL, training is not only a right but also a duty. Continually improving our work processes while valuing each of our employees; the result is an atmosphere combining professionalism and conviviality. Perfecting our services is good, with a smile is even better.