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To join CGVL is to climb abord a remarkable adventure… A leading group in its field, CGVL offers great career opportunities. Yet most of our employees don’t just stay for the name but for the variety of positions and advancement possibilities.

CGVL is a company committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) mixing professionalism, conviviality and a respect for everyone. We work to defend gender equality, active integration of people with disabilities and to improve work conditions.

Some come ride with us a little way … perhaps you’ll even stay for the long haul !

CGVL's culture and identity are based on four strong and immovable values that continue to guide our steps.


The reliability of our services depends as much on the quality of our fleet as of our team.

A sense of welcome, integrity and professionalism, the CGVL staff will welcome all your transportation and logistics needs, even the most urgent


Among the oldest professions in the world, road transport has undergone technical revolutions before taking full advantage of the technological advances of recent years. This make it possible to considerably increase the comfort of our drivers, and also to optimise each stage of the transport chain.


Because striving for perfection is our raison d’être, we are attentive to every detail that can further improve our services.

By really listening to our customers’ feedback, we believe that our duty is to make every CGVL experience more fluid, exemplary and impeccable!


What would our philosophy of service excellence be if it were not supported by a dynamic, united and respectful team?

The good atmosphere that exists within CGVL is found even in our customer relations.


What they say

Since my arrival at CGVL in 2012, then the acquisition of the company in 2015, we have focused our company policy on 4 areas: innovation, proactivity with our customers, eco-responsibility and the well-being of our employees! A company that advances is a company that questions itself and constantly seeks to improve. It is thanks to communication with our teams and the exchange of ideas, that we have been able to evolve. CGVL, more than a century old company, has kept this family spirit, which allows to maintain this excellent working atmosphere. It is also the wealth of our skills and talents that enables us to offer our customers innovative, tailor-made solutions for optimising resources and processes. Because your satisfaction is our most beautiful destination!"

François BATAILLARD, President of CGVL

I chose to join CGVL for the dynamism of its teams and its sense of innovation. Today I absolutely do not regret my choice, it is so good to work there. What matters to me above all else is that the individual is taken into account within this company. This is extremely important given the time we spend there. At CGVL, I know that I have the opportunity to evolve and this is an essential and motivating aspect in my position."

Julia DAVOINE, Accounts Manager

I have been working for CGVL for 4 and a half years. Since joining the company, I have been able to prove myself and evolve. I appreciate the relationship that I have with the staff, drivers, operators, and support teams. Indeed, I occupy a pivotal and primordial position, acting as a link between the employees and the management, and I am keen to develop the human potential to promote the growth and sustainability of the company."

Cécile CLÉMENT, Assistant Human Resource Manager

I joined CGVL above all because the company project appealed to me, but also because they presented me with development prospects. I discovered great team cohesion, mutual support, dynamism and unfailing motivation among the operators. My daily assignments are rich and varied, and what I particularly appreciate is the proximity I maintain with our drivers and our regular charter network."

Guillaume CHIROL, National and International Chartering Agent

I joined CGVL in July 2008 on a fixed-term contract as a VL driver and was quickly hired on a permanent contract.
Thanks to CGVL, I was able to pass my heavy goods vehicle licence and today I can say that I am a passionate professional. What I find particularly interesting in my job is having independence behind the wheel of my truck, but also contact and good humour with my colleagues and the customer's staff. I really appreciate knowing that the customer is satisfied with my professionalism. Indeed, the sense of customer service is paramount to me."

Stéphane Isabelle MAZET, Heavy Goods Driver

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